beanies, snoods and face masks:
                      wool is an extremely elastic fibre, every beanie and snood comes in a standard hat size, with head circumference between 57cm and 60cm. if your circumference is greater than 60cm you probably need a size «l». if the circumference is less than 54cm you probably need a size «s». please note that size «s» and «l» are not standard sizes, are only by request and not always available.

                        cotton bucket hats:
                          initial loose fit required for continued comfort.
                            the cotton bucket hats luna and gerty are available in two sizes: M (7) for head circumference 56cm - 22inch and L (7 1/4)for head circumference 58cm - 23inch.

                          if you have any questions please contact us, we will be glad to assist you with our competence and expertise.